Purpose Black ETH had a roundtable discussion with the heads of Sub Cities and Woredas.

Purpose Black ETH had a fruitful roundtable discussion with heads of agricultural offices of the sub Cities and Woredas in Addis Ababa City.

The discussion was mainly focused on how to work together supporting each other. The discussion was held with the representatives of 11 Sub Cities and 10 Woredas.

On the discussion Dr. Fisseha Eshetu the founder and CEO of PBETH Trading PLC, after presenting the vision of the company, he explained that within few months time PBETH, by opening market opportunity
using advanced technology of E-Commerce website platform in retailing and agricultural product preparation brought speedy and unbelievable change. Says Dr. Fisseha.

He also added that PBETH is expanding its company in to different regional States in Ethiopia, currently in Amhara Region (Bahirdar) in Oromiya Region (Arsi) in the Southern Region (Wolayita Soddo, Arbaminch, South Omo) we are working on these areas aggressively and we have opened 6 ke Geberew (from the farmer) shops here in the capital city, Addis Ababa.

In addition, Dr. Fisseha said that, PBETH is providing vehicle stop shops and distributing products in
a very reasonable fair price down to the community level.

Since the objective of Purpose black ETH and the govts Sunday Market has a direct relationship, so that it is very important for both sides, the govt and PBETH to work together and supporting each other to bring a better change, says Dr. Fisseha.

Professor Shimeles Admasu PBETH Technical Operation Officer and Agro-Processing department head, suggested that it is very painful to see farmers getting unfair pay for their product because of greedy brokers and merchants, so that govt and the company needs to work together hand in hand. And he acknowledges the support of the government to the company since its beginning.

In the final of the round table discussion, the govt sub city and Woreda officials suggested that What PBETH doing is exactly supports the govts economic transformation plan by industry led economy, so they said, this must
be supported by the govt and they showed their support to work with Purpose Black ETH.


Come; Let’s Work Together ‼️

PBETH_Communication Dept.

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  • Mulugeta
    June 17, 2022

    Good Job, Keep up the good work


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