Purpose Black ETH launches making of 1 million farmers in to share holders of the company, in 6 months time.



Purpose black ETH facilitates
market opportunity for the farmers, supports with technology inputs, and makes the farmers to be the share holders as well as managing their own investment by themselves.

Ethiopia is not only rich in open virgin lands but also rich in biodiversity as well.

Ethiopia is one of the top ten richest countries in agricultural biodiversity having 17 million farmers but thier life status have
no better improvements at all, having everything at hand, sadly the country still can not feed itself.

Ethiopia has a land of 50-70 million Acers of land that can be used for farming but only 16 % is used for agriculture, that led the nation at least not to feed itself. The solution to tackle this problem is working together, using technology, and opening market opportunity. PBETH believes in supporting in anything needed and make the farmers to have a better life, for this great journey PBETH launches making 1 million farmers to share holders.

The journey of reaching 1 million farmers, publicly launched at Senga Tera, Addis Ababa Head office, the farmers from Bekoji, PBETH CEO Dr. Fisseha Eshetu participated on the launching ceremony.

During the launching event Dr. Fisseha warmly welcomed the farmers from Arsi Zone Bekoji,
in his keynote speech he stressed that, it is not possible to change the world black nation economic problem with out strengthening agricultural industry and the farmers way of farming and their life status, says Dr. Fisseha.

He also added, even with out enough technology inputs and infrastructure the farmers have been feeding the nation, it is the great honour for PBETH making these farmers the share holders of the company. We are highly confident to lead the company and structure the whole system believing the brighter future to the nation and the continent at large, says Dr. Fisseha.

And the Arsi Zone investment head Mr. Abate Ayele and others appreciated the warm welcoming and the inspiring idea of changing the worlds black nations economic status through strengthening and modernizing the agricultural sector, we will supportive in anything we can. Arsi is where we can find wheat, sorghum and many more products. We will urge the farmers to participate in this great opportunity to work together with PBETH.

The head of Lemuna Bilbilo woreda Mr. Herpa says that we can not pay back the whole sufferings that the farmers went through for decades but still the better is yet to come and what Purpose Black ETH doing is gives us a hope and is should be supported.

Mr. Alemayehu Getachew the director of Bekoji Agricultural development says PBETH is working to improve the life standard of the farmers and opens the job opportunity for many youths. And i feel like the company is on the right time for the right purpose of the nation with its great vision, says Alemayehu. The farmers also suggested that seeing responsible concerned company who stands for the farmers is very inspirational and we are happy to have such a special one for us.

Finally the farmers and the whole crew payed a visit to the head office working process and Purpose Black ETH *Ke Geberew* Shops in the city.


Come; Lets work together !

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