Purpose black Ethiopia inaugurates traditional food ingredient preparation factory.

Purpose black Ethiopia
inaugurates traditional food ingredient preparation factory in southern region Gamo Zone Arbaminch, Shecha Bere Kebele,Dr. Fisseha Eshetu, (the CEO of PBETH) the community elders and high zonal government officials were participated on the event.

This factory costs 12.7 million birr budget capital, is also one of the 14 plans that PBETH company has at hand and continued working on it. it also provided 20 permanent job opportunity in the beginning and will have 89 employees and 30 daily labourers when it fully engages.

Since industries in agro processing are highly in need of agricultural products, there must be a high inter connection in between, so that this factory will play a greater role networking both industries and agricultural products. Due to not supported by technology and networking, it has been a great challenge for agricultural sector development in the country.

Amazingly, Purpose black ETH, with the support of technology input creates smooth plat form for both farmers and the beneficiary society to reach each other in a good chain with the reasonable fair price. And that makes PBETH the special one.

During the inauguration ceremony, Dr. Fisseha who is the CEO of PBETH, in his opening speech he mentioned that, we are great-full to open a company and invest in this beautiful naturally rich city Arbaminch and its people around. This is one of the 14 factories that PBRTH Planned to build in the near future.

Dr. Fisseha continues, currently purpose black ETH created the job opportunity for more than 300 employees. And this the newly inaugurated factory will also creates the job opportunity for the youths in the society.

Dr. Fisseha added that in this beautiful land of earthly heaven and naturally gifted city Arbaminch with its two wide and flattened lakes Abaya and Chamo, its 40 spring waters where the city name Arbaminch was given, the bridge b/n two lakes named *TOSA ZOKO* mean the bridge of God, Nech Sar National park, etc are not only there for tourist attraction but we can also use them for different national developments. So that we have a plan to discuss and work with regional government, says Dr. Fisseha.

The Gamo Zone head admin Mr. Brehanu Zewude warmly welcomed the Purpose Black ETH team and appreciated the PBETH great initiation to bring the black nations economic independence and Gamo Zone is where you can find many cultural heritage and natural wealth. So that Arbaminch is the right choice to start the vision to make it happen and he also promised that to work together and be supportive starting from provision of land and anything expected, says Mr. Brehanu.

The factory is planted on the 400 Acers of land, professor Shimeles Admasu says, and it costed 12.7 Million birr, we have still planned to penetrate international market for traditional ingredient agro processing, for this 62 million birr is planned budget for the next move, he also mentions PBETH has 14 project plans of factories in the country which is meant to eradicate social economic problem from the nation. And he stressed that, like that of Arbaminch other govt offices from regional level to Zonal and Woreda needs to be with us and support.

Finally after the blessing of elderly, the participants payed
a visit to the factory, at the end recognition and acknowledgement award was given for institutions and individuals who contributed thier best for the factory to make it happen.


Come; let’s work together !

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