PurposeBlack ETH held a discussion with Lideta sub-city Women and Social Affairs Office.

PurposeBlack ETH Trading Share Company held a discussion on the issues of support for women engaged in small business in Lideta sub-city to benefit from the ‘KEGEBEREW’ agricultural product distribution program.

The head of women, Children and Social Affairs of Addis Ababa city Administration, the leaders of Lideta sub-city and More than 500 women participated in the discussion.

Dr. Hana Yeshi, head of Addis Ababa city Administration women, children and social affairs office, who spoke at the forum urged women that engaged in small businesses and who have faced many difficult situations to take advantage of the opportunity provided by PurposeBlack ETH’s agricultural product distribution program.

Ato Tefera Hailu, Chief of Staff of PurposeBlack ETH, stated that within one year of its establishment, PurposeBlack ETH Trading Share Company has accomplished many practical activities. Ato Tefera pointed that supporting mothers and women who do not get the proper value of their efforts in their struggle to win their daily living is an issue. At this end, KEGEBEREW Product Distribution (KPD) project facilitated by PurposeBlack ETH will give 5 percent of the profits to women and the remaining 5 percent will be used for its operations.

Mr. Dange Temesenge, Director of KEGEBEREW Product Distribution (KPD) Project, on his part, pointed that the problem of inflation and cost of living in our country is multi-faceted and requires everyone’s effort; PurposeBlack ETH KEGEBEREW Product Distribution (KPD) project has come up with a good solution for women and the whole society, working together with to ease the cost of living problem.

It has been said that more than half of the women who participated in the forum have signed up to become members of the project.

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