Women are invited to become members of ‘‘KEGEBEREW’’ agricultural Product Distributors Women Program (KPDW) facilitated…

Women are invited to become members of ‘‘KEGEBEREW’’ agricultural Product Distributors Women Program (KPDW) facilitated by PurposeBlack ETH Trading Share Company. The company has signed a memorandum of understanding to work with business women’s associations of Addis Ababa. 

The Ethiopian Business Women Association has graduated 120 female entrepreneurs’ trainees at PurposeBlack ETH’s meeting hall on 20, Aug 2022.

Dr. Fesha Eshetu, the founder and CEO of PurposeBlack ETH Trading Share Company, who was invited as the guest of honor at the graduation ceremony, conducted a congratulatory message to the graduates.  Dr. Fesha stated that; Purposeblack ETH is established by the idea of ​​a few individuals but has a huge purpose to change the country and the people by working with those who are willing to work together. He said that it is bringing practical changes in many ways in just one year of its operation.  He explained about the ‘‘KEGEBEREW’’ Product Distributor Women’s Project (KPDW) of PurposeBlack facilitated for the benefit of women and appealed to them to take advantage of the opportunity.

The president of Ethiopian and IGAD member business women’s associations, who spoke at the forum, Ms. Engidaye Eshetu, conveyed her congratulatory message to the graduates and asked women to be embraced by the program facilitated by PurposeBlack ETH to stabilize the cost of living and make their own mark.

The Vice President of the Oromia Region Business Women’s Association Ms. Tadelech attended the program and delivered a message. She said that the ‘‘KEGEBEREW’’ project designed by this company has great benefits for women, so we as an association will be along with and do everything necessary to work together.

Finally, the company signed a memorandum of understanding to cooperate with the unions by giving an explanation of the general status of ‘‘KEGEBEREW’’ program (KPDW).

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