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Rebranding agriculture in Ethiopia.

PurposeBlack Eth

Our farms

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KeGebrew Farm Philosophy

Our farm practices ensure a holistic approach that integrates environment, profitability, and economic and social quality.
Every KeGeberew farm is a multi- enterprise venture built by diversified components holistically work together to enhance efficiency.
Precision agriculture and indigenous knowledge are the building blocks of our farms. It combines the best of modern tools and technologies combined with indigenous practices according to context.
As one of the major feature/segment of PBETH community based agricultural business partnership our farms will work closely with the surrounding community with an ultimate target to extend and expand KeGeberew farm model to our fellow farmers to boost their productivity, economic sustainability and pass a clean environment and the tool for generations to come.

PurposeBlack Eth

Farm Model Principles

Environmentally friendly.

Leverage technology to maximize profit.

Diversification and minimum risk.

Community inclusive nucleus farm.

Access to technology and knowledge.

Access to fair market.

PurposeBlack Eth

Omo Integrated Farm

Location– SNNPR-Region, South Omo Zone, Nyangatom Woreda, Aypa

Area– 1,300 Hectares


Horticultural Products

Vegetables-Onion,Tomato,Green Pepper,Hot Pepper,Cucumber

Fruits– Banana, Papaya, Watermelon, Mango, orange mandarin


Goat production– Woito and Borena goat breed with Boer goat breeding

Beef Cattle Production– Borena beef cattle production and finisher

Animal feed/forage production- feed forage for meat yield

Apiary and hive products– honey, wax, bee pollen, Propolis production

Our Omo Team

Total number of employees-25

PurposeBlack Eth

Bekoji Integrated Farm

Location– OROMIA- Region, Arsi Zone, Lemu and Bilbilo Woreda, Lemua Kebele

Area– 371 Hectares


Horticultural Products

Vegetables-Potato,Cabbage,Garlic,Leak,Carrot,Beet root

Fruits– Apple, Pear, 

CerealsBarley, wheat, oats, maize,


Sheep production– Arsi sheep finisher, as well as breeding program with Hawasi

Dairy Cattle Production– Dairy cow production, milk and AI service, breeding

Animal feed forage– forage production for milk yield and sheep fattening

Apiary and hive products– honey, wax, bee pollen, propolis production



want to Invest in Purposeblack eth projects?

The PurposeBlack Ethiopia initiative will be a multi-billion Birr endeavor encompassing the construction and launching of a mega agro-processing complex, e-commerce marketplace, five hypermarkets, ten big supermarkets.