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Purposeblack ETH

1. Development Bank of Ethiopia

2. AgriLeaf Integrated Agricultural Development PLC

3. Meseret mare Solar import

and more...

Agro innovation

Purposeblack ETH

  1. Haramaya Universty 
  2. Hawassa universty
  3. OYES global foundation
    and more...

agro processing

Purposeblack ETH

  1. Lideta Subcity
  2. Sekina Industrial PLC 
    and more...


Purposeblack ETH

  1. Ethiopian Airline group
  2. T.E.A_Media and event
  3. Safaricom Telecommunication Ethiopia and Safaricom M-PESA mobile financial Services and more...

export Import

Purposeblack ETH

  1. Zebad General Export &Import
  2. Ethio American Chamber of commerce
  3. Sante General Business PLC and more...

Ktv, Media & communuication

Purposeblack ETH

  1. Fana broadcasting corporate S.C.
  2. EY Production PLC
    and more...

Marketing and event organizer

Purposeblack ETH

  1. Active Advertising
  2. Dashen Bank S.C
    and more...

Digital Payment and credit service

Purposeblack ETH

  1. Awash bank,elite fintech
  2. santimpay finance solution
    and many more...

want to Invest in Purposeblack eth projects?

The PurposeBlack Ethiopia initiative will be a multi-billion Birr endeavor encompassing the construction and launching of a mega agro-processing complex,  e-commerce marketplace, five hypermarkets, ten big supermarkets.