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Purposeblack eth

share purchase information

The types of shares available in PurposeBlack Ethiopia Trading Share Company are divided into three and are listed as follows.
1. Founding Shares

2. Ordinary shares

3. Franchise Stock

3.1. Agricultural Franchise Shares: This franchise model starts from one hundred thousand birr, and it is a model that allows the shareholders to get a share of profit from the amount of shares they buy from the distributed profit and to share fifty percent of the profit from the one hectare of land they are a shareholder of. In addition, the agricultural franchise is designed to benefit shareholders in agricultural development and for those who are already involved in agriculture and want to integrate their farms or agricultural operations into PurposeBlack Ethiopia's agricultural franchise model. Our company has 1818 agricultural franchise shareholders.
3.2. Agricultural Processing (Agro-Processing) Franchise Share: The starting price of Purpose Black Ethiopia's Agricultural Processing Franchise model is one hundred thousand birr, and it is a model that allows shareholders to receive dividends in the amount of their paid-up shares in addition to the 50 percent profit they get from the unit in which they are shareholders. Our company has 373 agro-processing franchise shareholders.





Ordinary Share

Our company offers investors to be a part of the company by buying ordinary share starting from 1000 Birr.

Agro-processing Franchise

To Acquire To Build More Than 50 Franchised Agro-processing Factories Within Three Year.(CURRENTLY SOLD-OUT )


An Initiative With $100,000.000 Investment That Will Distribute To 50,000 Ethiopian

want to Invest in Purposeblack Eth projects?

The PurposeBlack Ethiopia initiative will be a multi-billion Birr endeavor encompassing the construction and launching of a mega agro-processing complex, an e-commerce marketplace, five hypermarkets, ten big supermarkets.