PurposeBlack Ethiopia

Ethio Agrinnovation

Committed to promote, support and scale innovation in agriculture productivity and contribute to the attainment of food security in Ethiopia.

Purposeblack ETH

AgrInnovation Ethiopia Center

Periodic droughts, soil deterioration due to overgrazing, deforestation, excessive taxation, and insufficient infrastructure affect Ethiopia's agriculture (making it difficult and expensive to get goods to market).
Agriculture, on the other hand, is the country's most potential resource.
There is potential for grain self-sufficiency as well as cattle, grain, vegetable, and fruit export development.
Annually, 4.6 million people require food assistance.



1. To become a self-sustainable and influential agriculture innovation center within three years.

To facilitate the investment of 100 million Ethiopian birr in agricultural innovation by 2025.

3. To become the premier Agriculture innovation resource center and service provider within 3 years.

4. To collaborate and make the Agrinovation Ethiopia conference a premier annual innovation event within three years.

5. To establish the Ethiopian Agrinovation promotion and facilitation exchange/Portal within 2 years.

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The PurposeBlack Ethiopia initiative will be a multi-billion Birr endeavor encompassing the construction and launching of a mega agro-processing complex,  e-commerce marketplace, five hypermarkets, ten big supermarkets.