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Sengatera Infront of Yobek Building, Lideta Subcity Worda 07, Addis Ababa.

PurposeBlack Ethiopia Has 110 Founders.

With a splendid vision of becoming a black narrative media, PBE media is working on promoting its initiatives, services and products.

PBE marketplace is an E-commerce platform owned and operated by PBE that enables consumers to buy on a fixed price online marketplace alongside PBES regular Retail outlets.

PurposeBlack Value Chain Corporation is responsible for processing raw agricultural products and producing quality products for local and international markets.

Black Economy Excellence is established to provide economic solutions to the problems of Black people globally.

More than a billion people globally.

Multichannel marketing and sales strategy.

Because Africa is the place where investors get handsome returns and it has the fastest growing consumer population.

We have created a job opportunity for over 3 hundred people
We have extended 12 retail outlets, 11 in Addis Ababa and 1 in wolaita Sodo. Out of the 12 outlets, 6 of them are retail shops, the other 6 are mobile trucks shops.
Our shareholders have reached to, 3171
Our E-commerce platform has been launched Kegeberew Baltena traditional food is already on the market
We acquired farmlands at Omo in the southern region and Bekoji in Oromia region Arsi zone


More than a billion people globally.

This depends on a lot of factors but the projection is an ROI of less than 4 years.

We will provide regular updates.

depends on the performance of the projects.,

As soon as the full investment is made.,

Yes, you may increase your investment at any time by purchasing additional shares.

GIants like Amazon, Alibaba and Jumia in Africa,

The unique vertically integrated product to consumer model, the project uses. We are also undertaking the mission of building 1 million black millionaires.

To become a global conglomerate and the largest social enterprise which primarily serves the black community and creates a perpetual collective wealth for the Black community globally.

All our projects have begun.

Yes you can.

Yes you can.

This depends on the products and services it provides.

Yes, you may purchase a share. There are considerations to be made. As such, please consult your lawyer and refer to the country of residence Guideline.