Purposeblack eth

Investment Location

Addis Ababa

In Addis Ababa, we are operating a head office that is located at Sengatera Negadewoch Hibret BLDG. The majority of our retail store are built to provide agricultural products with the highest level of convenience in terms of location and price with ICT support that operates 24 hours. We have extended 11 retail outlets in Addis Ababa. Out of the 11 outlets, 6 of them are shops and 5 of them are mobile trucks.

Arba Minch

March 15th 2022 marked the opening of Purpose Black Ethiopia’s branch office in the vibrant city of Arba Minch. We are prioritizing the opening of 14 agro-processing factories that focus their production mainly on banana, mango, moringa and fish value added products. Currently, Purpose Black Ethiopia is in the process of opening a traditional food processing factory (ባልትና) too.
With the conducive environment for farming in Arba Minch, Purpose Black Ethiopia is also planning to introduce commercial farming. This will be operated on the investment land, where Purpose Black Ethiopia owns with the generous service of the zonal government and with other farm investors on franchised agricultural platform in Gamo Zone.

Arsi Zone

In Oromia region, Arsi Zone, Lemu and Bilbilo Woreda, Lemu Kebele we secured 371 hectares of land to produce horticultural products which are vegetables, fruits and cereals. Along with livestock products, which are sheep production, dairy cattle production, animal feed, forage, apiary and hive products.

Amhara Region

PurposeBlack Ethiopia opened its office in Bahir Dar, Amhara region. Located at Delber BULD, the office fully commenced its operation on March 15, 2022. Ever since its opening, many have shown keen interest in joining the company by investing and making its vision of creating an affordable living environment a reality.
Purpose Black Ethiopia has assigned marketing officers who are available all week during working hours to provide our consumers any necessary information.
The opening of KeGeberew retail shops in different part of the town are in the works and Purpose Black Ethiopia is working tirelessly to reach as many communities as possible in a short period of time. This will vastly contribute to the efforts in the stabilization of the economy and partially soothes the yoke of inflation.
Our plan also includes to obtain franchise lands for agricultural production to provide supply of highly demanded food items like fruits , vegetables and crops to Bahirdar and its surrounding community, through our retail, KeGeberew, shops.

Wolaita Sodo

Wolaita Sodo is decided to be the hub of economic excellence of Africa and the globe. 50 agro-processing factories, airport and distribution centers are planned to be developed together with the people and government of Wolaita Zone. Memorandum of Understanding is signed between Purpose Black Eth SC and 12 government sector offices.

South Omo Zone

Purpose Black Ethiopia’s first Agricultural Franchise investment was launched on March 15th 2022 on 350 ha land on Dagomote farm in South Omo Zone. It then extended its investment on to the 1,000 ha of land on Aster Farm, which is structured as an agricultural franchise platform.
These lands are currently producing variety of of fruits and vegetables for the central market and for the surrounding community. We continue to intensively evolve our farming methods on Aster Farms and along with our own investment land in Dagomote. Our agriculture methods is highly mechanized and is being considered as an example for commercial agriculture practice in the area.

want to Invest in Purposeblack eth projects?

The PurposeBlack Ethiopia initiative will be a multi-billion Birr endeavor encompassing the construction and launching of a mega agro-processing complex, an e-commerce marketplace, five hypermarkets, ten big supermarkets