Employees of various ministry institutes have witnessed that essential products and daily supplies provided by Purposeblack Ethiopia are alleviating the pressure of the current cost of living.

The company has received a store inside the premises of Ministry of Plan and Development, which is around SIDISIT kilo for its “ASBEZA project”, and the store is supplying daily agricultural and industrial necessity goods to eight governmental institutions.

In addition to the retail stores that Purposeblack Ethiopia has opened in several destinations in Addis Ababa, the company is working to make the high cost of living a history in Ethiopia; it is providing those daily necessity goods to consumers using various options.

One of these options is the “ASBEZA project”; in collaboration with different governmental and private institutions and condominium Residences, the company is delivering “ASBEZA“(essential products and short lasting supplies) to users.

Through this, many institutions are able to become customers.

Keeping in mind that Purposeblack Ethiopia is proving it’s a socially responsible company and the primary and sole aim of the company is not only to generate profit, rather it works to ease the growing tension of the economically challenged society; by being present at a times when the high cost of living is provoking the middle class society and those surviving only on their monthly salary. They said they are happy and grateful for the services they are getting.


The Assistant Director of Retail Stores at PurposeBlack Ethiopia Mrs. Tigist Asmelash said that the company is currently working with various institutions on the “ASBEZA“project and told us that other institutions are also willing to give us a store space and work together.

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